As the Chicago Department of Transportation recently announced work on a pedestrian and bike-friendly 43rd Street Bridge, BendTec is proud to once again partner with FH Paschen, the project’s main contractor, and Hillsdale Fabricators, the project’s steel fabricator, to bring success to this bridge project. 

Just like BendTec did with this project’s companion bridge, located at 41st Street, BendTec will be able to fabricate the twin arches with  its  Induction Bending equipment for this project. – The work on the newest bridge, located in Chicago at 43rd Street and South Lake Shore Drive, is expected to begin in the spring of 2021. 

It was the 41st Street Bridge that led BendTec to partner with these two great companies and help bring success to a Chicago bridge. The 41st Street Pedestrian Arch Bridge was completed in 2018. After bending the large diameter steel tubes,  BendTec pre-assembled the bridge’s arches. This allowed the prefabricated fabrication materials to meet the stringent tolerances to guarantee the highest  quality control Inspection. 

BendTec also bent and sent materials to Hillsdale to be used for the bridge’s deck and approaches, and helped Hillsdale complete the bridge’s welds. All in all, the team at BendTec processed 1,160 feet of pipe that measured 36 inches in diameter; and roughly 1,600 feet of pipe that measured 48 inches in diameter. 

Due to BendTec’s history of producing pipe for both power plants and the oil and gas industry, it had needed — and created — this necessary equipment as far back as the 1970s. BendTec was happy to provide its induction bending technology for the 41st Street Bridge project, and is proud to once again provide its capabilities for the upcoming bridge on 43rd Street. 

The team at BendTec looks forward to another smooth project that is sure to give the residents of Chicago even more access to the amenities in their city. 

With over 100 years in the industry, BendTec provides steel bends to both large and small projects, fabrication and welding from its base in Duluth, MN.