Recently at BendTec, we’ve completed a milestone of our own! We completed our 4,000th test bend! 

But our recent pipe bending milestone wasn’t just about the test bend. More importantly, this gave us a reason to celebrate some amazing members of the BendTec team. Bob has given 43 years to BendTec, while Shawn has worked for us for 25 years and Al has worked for us for 32 years. These gentlemen are from members of Pipefitters UA Local 11, your induction bending crew!

Bob, Sean, Al and the rest of our crew are happy to bring you success and make your job easier! They work together to ensure the material properties are maintained to design and up to codes. We verify that the induction heating process is maintained throughout the length of the pipe in the bend test. The samples for these tests will be cut from the pipe bend, with samples coming from various locations and quadrants on the pipe to ensure each sample will meet the yield, tensile and Charpy values determined by the metallurgical lab testing. 

The lucky pipe that received our 4,000th test bend was 30 inches OD by .500 wall thickness, API 5L X65 PSL2 material. It’s important that our team tests pipe for Yield strength, Tensile and Charpy testing per ASME, API and CSA codes to ensure the properties to bring your project success. Our team then records the pipe’s metallurgical testing results and provides test bend certification and a procedure to bend the heat of material. Every Heat of material has its own test bend.  This way, the final product at your project does the exact job it’s meant to do! There are a wide variety of components that our team tests for, and all of them are meant to give you the best pipe bending  quality to ensure your project is done to code. Our induction bending expertise is unmatched, and  we are here to serve and assist  you with your bending needs.

With our custom designed Induction Bending machines we can ensure your pipe bends will also have minimal thinning and distortion. In fact, we often conversely improve the mechanical and metallurgical properties of the original pipe!

Plus, as you can see from the video here, we’re happy to bring you success in whatever you may need! 

Give us a call today, and we’ll reach your milestones with you!


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