In bending, fabricating, and welding, BendTec is happy to help you bring success to your next project — but before we partner together on your next bid, federal bid, or company’s success story, know which questions to bring to us, and items to know to give to us. 

What to ask: Lead Time
People may think that cost is your number one question, but experts say that lead time is another good thing to know when ordering your next pipe bend or pipe weld. This is especially a good question to ask during a time when the demand for materials like steel remains high.

What to know: Quantity of Bends
How many bends are you ordering? How many bends does your project require? This will not only help our team get you a quote that best fits your needs, but also help you know exactly what your project will cost as well as how much time it will take.

What to ask: Quality of Bends or work
It’s great to know the quality of the bends you’ll get from the company who’s giving you a bid. This is going to be as important if not more important than the cost for your bends. 

What to know: Who is supplying the materials?
Does your steel pipe need bending? Does your latest contract project need a weld? Or are we starting from scratch and providing the materials ourselves? We’re happy to help either way! But please have this information ready when you send your initial quote.

What to know: All the Project Specs
In addition to quantity, we need to know the size, minwall, material, and grade. Remember, the more details you give us, the quicker we can give you a quote, and thus help bring your project success!

What to ask: What is this company’s reputation?
It’s good to know your bend and welding shop’s own history and story, which projects they’ve completed, and what their capabilities are. You can read more about BendTec’s reputation here and check out our capabilities here

What to know: Shipping Details
We’ve delivered our finished products all over! But our bid and lead time’s details might change for a bridge’s pieces in Chicago versus one or two pipe bends in Minneapolis. No matter where the final bend goes, we’re happy to help!

What to know: The name of your project, the use of the finished product, service of bends, whether it requires heat treating
This may seem like a given, but we love to emphasize how important the details are. We can help bring your project success across many industries and in several services. Tell us what your final vision is so our contribution is nothing but a benefit to all of the pieces.

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