One thing that we know this year is that the cost of steel is high. In fact, in July estimated that costs are up more than 200 percent. Of course, this is attributed to the pandemic and the fact that production decreased during shutdowns and extra safety measures. The costs of many materials have stayed high throughout the year.

But don’t let the price of materials hold you back on your next project’s bid. At BendTec, we have a great inventory of pipes that we can use for your project! 

BendTec is always happy to perform induction bends, pipe bends, welding, and fabrication. But you don’t always have to provide the pipe for the project. Our inventory allows us to help bring you success. This doesn’t just go for the pipe bending. We can also just supply the extra pipe needed for your project as well. Just make sure to contact us on our website, and when filling out our online contact form, select, “materials supplied by BendTec.” For other things to be ready to answer and ask when working with us, check out our past blog on the subject here. 

That’s not the only reason to work on your next project with us. Bendtec is located less than one mile from a major shipping port. We have the options of ships, trains, trucks and more to deliver your final product successfully. Currently, we’re working on projects that will go as far as the state of Washington, Canada, Texas, and Florida. With great relationships with numerous carriers, we’ve delivered products internationally too! We’ve brought our clients success all over the world.

We also offer a variety of capabilities. In addition to the induction and pipe bending that we’re known for, our capabilities include welding, machining, and cutting equipment. We’ve been trusted since 1916 to help bring large projects across multiple industries to success, and we’ve proven it over and over again. Let’s talk about how we can serve you and help bring you success today!

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