Extra Pipe Inventory to Help You!

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One thing that we know this year is that the cost of steel is high. In fact, in July estimated that costs are up more than 200 percent. Of course, this is attributed to the pandemic and the fact that production decreased during shutdowns and extra safety measures. The costs of many materials have

BendTec to Bring Bend Fabrication to Former Project’s Companion Bridge

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As the Chicago Department of Transportation recently announced work on a pedestrian and bike-friendly 43rd Street Bridge, BendTec is proud to once again partner with FH Paschen, the project’s main contractor, and Hillsdale Fabricators, the project’s steel fabricator, to bring success to this bridge project.  Just like BendTec did with this project’s companion bridge, located

Building Bridges

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Building Bridges A bridge on Chicago’s South Side delivers on striking design, large-scale pipe fabrication and greater access to Lake Michigan. Before Chicago’s 41st Street pedestrian bridge was constructed in 2018, Lake Shore Drive, a busy eight lane expressway that is flanked by a series of train tracks, kept South Side residents from easily