How to Save Money During Your Next Structural Project

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For over more than 100 years, BendTec has earned a reputation for being one of the best in both the pipe bending and fabrication industry. But when you are planning the next big structural project, you may wonder why to choose steel bending or pipe bending over other methods of fabrication. When it comes to

The Process of Induction Bending and Pipe Bending

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So, what is the Process of Induction Bending or Pipe Bending? BendTec built its first induction bending machine in 1972 and has bent curved or bent pipe since 1973. Today, BendTec is one of the leading pipes bending and fabrication companies in the Western Hemisphere. But what exactly is induction or pipe bending? What does

BendTec to Bring Bend Fabrication to Former Project’s Companion Bridge

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As the Chicago Department of Transportation recently announced work on a pedestrian and bike-friendly 43rd Street Bridge, BendTec is proud to once again partner with FH Paschen, the project’s main contractor, and Hillsdale Fabricators, the project’s steel fabricator, to bring success to this bridge project.  Just like BendTec did with this project’s companion bridge, located

Best of the Best 2019

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Best of the Best In addition to winning ENR Midwest’s 2019 Best Projects award, The 41st Street Pedestrian Arch Bridge on Chicago's Lakeshore drive earned ENR's National award for Project of the Year. "The 41st Street Pedestrian Arch Bridge project team overcame the daunting task of spanning 1,470 ft over active rail lines, catenary