Power Industry

BendTec fabricates high- and low-pressure piping systems for nuclear, combined/simple cycle, liquified natural gas (LNG), fossil, solar, geothermal, and cogeneration power plants. As a full-service pipe fabrication facility, BendTec provides engineering, quality assurance, welding, heat treating, and induction bending using the largest induction-bending equipment in the Western Hemisphere.

In addition to fabrication for new service, BendTec specializes in replacement piping systems for plant retrofit and life extension projects. BendTec engineers produce replacement assemblies from original documents or field measurements where original documents are unavailable. We also provide complete system layouts and system flexibility analysis.

BendTec’s services include supplying assemblies with welded inline valves, as well as the supply and attachment of pipe hangers and supports. Extensive machining capabilities also allow for the fabrication of complex headers, attemperators, and other boiler parts.

At BendTec we view established Codes and specifications as guides and recognize that such aids to fabrication often lag behind advanced technological development. For example, many fabricators have supplied improperly fabricated chrome-moly piping, or creep strength enhanced ferritic (CSEF) materials; BendTec is the industry leader in the supply of new or replacement CSEF fabrication. Our large furnaces and full-scale laboratory have allowed for the successful fabrication of thousands of CSEF spools, without issue, and helped solve many of our client’s problems, often the result of a less-qualified fabricator’s or erector’s poor fabrication techniques.


  • Combined Cycle / Simple Cycle
  • Solar Energy
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Export
  • Coal-Fired
  • Geothermal
  • Rubber-Lined Ash Disposal
  • Reheat Replacement
  • Abrasion-Resistant Coal
  • Carbon, Low-Alloy, Stainless, CSEF
  • Nuclear

BendTec LLC.

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