BendTec is a technically sophisticated fabrication company, and we welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with you during the preliminary stages of a project. We also welcome the opportunity to work with your team to develop accurate budgetary estimates and project specifications.

With over a century of experience in material sourcing and purchasing, our input is often able to reduce project costs dramatically. Risk is managed by purchasing materials from reputable sources who undergo regular audits. Our ASME background supports our ability to inspect materials upon receipt and follow through with complete documentation and traceability to meet the requirements of AISC.

Our project managers are graduate engineers who work hand in hand with our production staff to make sure that our fabricated assemblies will be easy to handle and install on-site. We understand that work performed in the field is expensive, and we take great lengths to ensure that our fabricated assemblies are simple to install and accurate to the most exacting standards.

Our proprietary induction bending equipment allows for bending square, rectangular, and multisided steel shapes, including channels, I-beams, rails, and wide-flanges, as well as custom cross-sections. Bending, regardless of shape or configuration, can be completed to the tightest of industry tolerances.

Our accomplishments include innovative and signature bridges, as well as modern bridge structures.

BendTec LLC.

366 Garfield Ave.
Duluth, Minnesota 55802

Tel: 218.722.0205
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  • Bridge Structural Members – AISC Certified Bridge Fabrication – Advanced
  • Building Structural Members
  • Long Radius Bends
  • Bent Structural Piping and Tube
  • Light/Power Poles
  • Trusses
  • Parabolic Arches
  • Window Mullions
  • Highway Signs

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